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What are the locations where the sex dolls are easily damaged

When you are buying a anime adult tpe sex doll, you may not know which location damage can be neglected or mended a little by yourself. Which position needs special love and care to avoid damage? Which location damage is fatal?

The first is the sex doll head, the damage to the doll head is basically the makeup off, generally better manufacturers will provide a one-year warranty, the doll head off makeup can be returned to the factory of makeup. Many doll owners like to give implant models of the doll head cleaning hair, in fact, it is not necessary! sex doll head sculpture is not a real person, not so easy to breed bacteria greasy, too much cleaning will lead to the loss of makeup. Of course, if you accidentally damage the doll’s head, you can replace a separate TPE sex doll head from uxdoll, which is certainly more cost-effective than replacing the entire doll.

Sex doll head there is another easily damaged place, that is, the doll head and the doll head inside the support of the connection if accidentally fallen, or vigorously broken, this can only be returned to the factory repair. For this easy to break the problem, doll sellers uxdoll has been upgraded to metal internal support, fortunately solved the problem. But the weight will also increase.

Improper handling can lead to damage to the body of the entity doll such as: the bottom of the feet or fingers of the sex doll, the body joints of the sex doll, the inside of the thighs of the sex doll.

Generally speaking chubby fat sex doll will be heavier, you now need to be careful in handling. Most A cup sex doll will become easier to operate because of the light weight.

The key parts of the above are damaged, the best thing to do is, do not mend yourself first. Find the seller to communicate first and consult the repair method and detailed steps.

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