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Vivid Buys The Rights To Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

The name Vivid, or Vivid entertainment as it’s called has certainly been at the forefront of getting so called “leaked” celebrity sex tapes. I think the most famous of all, or at least the one that got them the most publicity would no doubt be the Kim K And Ray J Sex Tape. It might have happened long before she got with Kanye West but that doesn’t change a thing. Not when you consider how private he is now when in retrospect his girlfriend was open enough to make a sex tape for the world to see.

I could sit back and say she was naive, maybe she was just young and dumb. That’s totally besides the point when you know for a fact things are not always as they seem. I’m 100% certain that the tape was leaked in 2007 for a perfectly good reason. Remember this tape was made back in 2002 so why not do it then? That’s simply because she wasn’t as famous back then and nothing would be gained from doing it. Ray J kept the tape all these years and now he has made bank from it. He isn’t the only one to get something from the Kim Kardashian sex tape Vivid though. If anything the Kardashian name, or more to the point the brand has benefited greatly!

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I have found an amazing tube site for hardcore HD porn and I just had to share it with you! I love tube sites to see free porn scenes, and this one is absolutely amazing. In fact, I like it so much I did the free registration so now I can save my favorite videos and come back to them again and again. It also allows me to be able to leave comments on the vids which is fun to interact with other users that way.

There are tons of videos on this site, and they have really good search features, and also have categories that the videos are broken down into to make browsing a breeze. If you spend a lot of time on it like me, there is a feature where you can see the latest uploaded videos so you don’t miss a thing, or you can check out the top rated videos, which I recommend for new users, to see all of the hottest content that is user approved!

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I’ve always been into live cams and phone sex because I really like the idea of connecting with women and getting off with them, but I’m really shy to do it in person. It gives me a chance to interact without necessarily baring all which has been an amazing step for me, because I have always been painstakingly shy.

My new fantasy though, which would allow me to get more physical with them, while still not putting myself all the way out there is glory holes. I love the idea of a woman taking my cock into her mouth and sucking and jerking off my dick until I explode. And then thought of her swallowing my load is just icing on the cake.

That’s why I couldn’t wait to get 41% off now with a Porn Mastermind discount and watch this ultimate fantasy acted out before my eyes! Not only do I get tons of hot glory hole porn to jerk to, but it also comes with additional sites like Bangable, Fucked Hard 18, Fucked Hard GF’s, Massage Girls 18, New Girl POV and Watch Me Fucked, with the Glory Hole vids being a bonus!

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