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Have you noticed Jules Jordan’s profile at AVN?

The other day I was taking a look at Jules Jordan’s profile at AVN and I noticed something about him that I had never noticed before. It wasn’t something shocking or a game-changer, just a little detail about this man that I didn’t think was true.

I think it is pretty wild that you could see someone that takes such pride in making Jules Jordan HD videos for all this time and not notice something as simple as this. For those who don’t know he got his start in porn working in Adult Bookshops.

That might not blow you away but it is a fact and one that I didn’t know even though I have been a fan of his movies for so long now. I feel like it might just be time to visit and start watching as many of his videos as I can just so my dick can see once and for all why he is the king of porn and why his movies are so well known!

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It’s Like Netflix For Porn Lovers

With the ever-increasing cable prices, more and more people have been ditching it and turning to services such as Netflix. What if I told you there was something very similar, but geared towards porn viewers? Right now you can save up to 83% with an Adult Time discount and get more hardcore porn then you’d ever imagine. 

Who can afford memberships to 50 different porn sites? Not this guy, that’s for sure. Instead, I can just sign up here and have a wide variety at my fingertips for one low price. Some of the “original series” you’ll get to enjoy include Girlcore, Transfixed, Girls Under Arrest, and Lady Gonzo. You’ll find content from some of your favorite studios such as 21 Sextury, Vivid, Girlsway, Rocco Siffredi, Pure Taboo, and Fantasy Massage. This is all top-shelf, AVN-winning caliber content. You’ll even find cool sex documentaries, porn star uploads, and plenty of fun bonus content. Leave Netflix and chill to the kids and enjoy some Adult Time. You won’t find more bang for your buck anywhere else.

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They Call Themselves Shoplyfter

I guess because they think changing a letter makes it cute. It’s cute in the same way when parents combine parts of their names to name their child… in that it’s pretty damn lame.

But then again IQ’s are not what you expect in porn and also not what you care about. What isn’t lame are the scenes at this site. Sure it’s all scripted and acted but what reality porn isn’t. It’s pretty safe to say that reality porn isn’t.

In this specific scene Emma Hix, the 30 year old looking 21 year old Canadian is acting all “OMG, wtf!?” with the male model playing the security card having his face blurred out to help with the immersion. That bit is actually pretty clever, perhaps there are some less than brain-dead people in the porn industry after all.

Check out this sweet 41% off discount for $10 off Shoplyfter where you will find mountains of scenes where shoplifters get blackmailed by the mall cop. It’s get fucked or he calls the cops so what choice does she really have right?

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Naughty Angels From Heaven

I am a soft porn kind of person. I appreciate all the other options out their and those involved in making great sex videos, photography, and live camming available for us to enjoy, but for me, soft porn is where it’s at. The very best site for soft and sexy, sensual porn is Goddess Nudes. I’m always able to find what I’m looking for to fit my mood, and sometimes something new, as they have updates multiple times a week.

Something else that makes it my favorite must-have membership is that you will find the most drop dead sexy-beautiful models in their 2,290+ photos with high resolution, in addition to the very elegant and delicious softcore porn videos. A friend I just happened to refer to this site earlier this week received something very special. A Goddess Nudes discount for up to 52% off just for joining. Every day this week I’ve heard from my appreciative friend, how steaming hot these videos are and how beautiful and seductive the models and actresses are. I think I may have introduced my friend to his new obsession. It will be yours, too.


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The True Next Level of Porn


We’re always looking to make porn a more realistic experience. We’ve done it with HD quality, we did it with VR, and they’re always trying to make new advancements to make you feel like you’re right there where you truly want to be. But I think we can all agree that the aspect that we really want is to be able to feel it!

What you may have thought was never possible is now waiting for you right now. You can sync your interactive sex toy up to thousands of videos on this amazing site and fuck your favorite pornstars in scenes that you can truly feel! You will see these babes in hardcore scenes that you love, but now you will be able to practically feel their pussies, mouths, and asses right on your own cock!

If you don’t have a toy already it’s no big deal. They have some right there for purchase so you can fully appreciate porn the way you never thought you could!

What are you waiting for? Join today and use this Feel X Videos discount for $15 off now!

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Female masturbating with such intent!

While I would prefer a different view I also can’t deny that this Female Masturbation Video is certainly very freaking hot. I love how much care and attention she is showing that tight looking pussy, she doesn’t miss a trick and that’s why when she gets worked up you know you’re about to see something totally hot.

I feel like it is a very special thing to share a moment in time with a girl that knows what she wants from life. She knows her body better than anyone out there and isn’t that how it should be? if you can explore every inch of yourself and know where your pleasure points are it can only help you enjoy sex on a higher level.

Girls don’t like to be rushed when they’re taking time out to work themselves all over. The best thing you can do to help them is sit back, be quiet, and just enjoy the show. Those girls are going to give you the world if you can give them the time for the ultimate masturbation session. You should be very happy with yourself as you’re about to see why you should make all the time that you need for girls masturbating their pussies!

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Answer this porn quiz and access it all!

Are you the type of guy that thinks he knows it all? don’t be shy or hold back if you do. There is obviously a reason why I’m asking you and if you just take the time and be honest you might like the porn rewards that you might get with it. I wouldn’t say I’m the smartest guy in the world if anything I am far from it. Yet, I am still able to access the free sex that comes with visiting Triviass so I must be doing at least something right.

The truth is though there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to porn. Just because you like something and someone else hates it never means a fucking thing. The only thing it means is you’ve both got different tastes. That’s just a fact of life and if anything this is the exact reason why there are so many niches of porn to watch. They try to make sure that there’s something for everyone and I for one really want to thank them for it. I can watch whatever my cock needs to thrive and I know that it won’t take me long at all to find it. All you need to do right now is find some luck and give these sex questions a try!

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BangBros Goes Live

You’ve probably heard of BangBros hardcore porn network before. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that they lead the industry in bringing hot sex videos featuring the most beautiful babes on the planet. They have a knack for getting babes to drop their inhibitions and turn into wild and crazy sluts willing to do anything and everything on camera for their adoring fans.

But did you know that they even feature live cams as well? That was the major tipping point for me. I tend to spend more time on cam sites than I do watching porn. I love the fact that the action is going down live, you never know what to happen. You also get to get off with these babes in real time and see real-life pleasure unfold that no one has seen before.

You can get Bangbros for 73% off here and see their exclusive live cam girls along with their thousands of full-length porn movies and new updates every single day. It’s everything you need and desire all in one place! Don’t miss out on your chance to get it all for such a crazy low price!

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Long Distance Porn Watching

Social media recently put me back into contact with an old flame. We have been testing the waters and enjoying reconnecting. It’s a long distance situation which complicates it all, but hopefully she will be able to fly out to visit me in a couple of months. In the mean time, we’ve been having a lot of phone sex. She won’t undress on cam because of a bad experience with an ex and some nudes he had of her, but she will happily provide jerk off instruction for me.

So the other night, she suggested we both watch the same porn scene while on the phone together. I was going to search for one of the female-produced sites, but she brought up Brazzers. I just so happen to have a membership so it was easy to pull up. This girl had a really big ass back when we were together and she claims it has gotten even better. From what I have seen in pictures of her in jeans and booty shorts, she isn’t lying!

We ended up looking at Brazzer’s Big Wet Butts. Right now you can get 75% off Big Wet Butts with this discount link. It was a great time getting off with my girl long distance and she now has a girl crush on Blanche Bradbury. Watching porn together might become a regular thing.

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Alura Jenson is the Ultimate Milf

There is a smoking hot MILF that goes to my gym. I think she looks a lot like Alura Jenson. Blonde and curvy with big tits, watching her run on the treadmill actually gave me wood once. Those big tits nearly busted out of her tight sports top. Watching her do stretches in her yoga pants is also a really rousing experience.

I finally got up the nerve to chat her up yesterday. She was really receptive to it and ended up giving me her number. I called her last night and we had incredible phone sex. Now I want to fuck her more than ever, but she told me it will never happen.

Apparently, this gorgeous woman doesn’t date because of some bad experiences. She says she is lonely and craves it but has to keep her kids safe. The phone sex was fun, but she isn’t looking for anything more than that and doesn’t want me to approach her at the gym again. Apparently, we can continue the calls, but then have to act like they never happened when we see each other. The things this woman said she wanted me to do to her body, is going to make it really difficult to stay smooth at the gym.

I’m going to have some porn videos ready to watch during our next call and right now you can snap $20 off the price with an Alura Jenson discount.

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I Didn’t Know Moms Could Fuck Like That

I always had it in my head that once women reached a certain age they became boring in the sack. I don’t know where this misconception stems from. Perhaps I just never thought of my own mom or her friends that way, but as it turns out, the older they are the more tricks they have up their sleeves- and they fucking love to use them!

When you use this link to save on with a 67% discount, you are going to be greeted with the hottest older women on the planet who are all still hot as hell, but experienced as fuck! These ladies are up for a jolly good time in intense and explicit scenes. With seven full sites included, there is tons of variety here so you can see these babes in exactly the type of action they love.

For some it may be sexy solo play, others may love a proper fucking, there are also lesbian scenes, and even some jerk off instruction from the ones who love to take control. All are exclusive and in high definition so you will be sure to enjoy it all!

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Here are the best sites to explore at EuroHut

A good buddy of mine told me that I should take a look at the best porn sites on Eurohut. I’ve done that and you know what? right now I’m so mad at him. I’ve already sent him some not so nice emails and not because it wasn’t worth looking at, quite the opposite.

I’m mad because he’s kept this goldmine of porn to himself. He could have told me weeks ago. But no, for whatever reason he held back and a bro shouldn’t do that, ever! I guess I can understand that he wanted to enjoy it as much as possible before telling me, still it does piss me off that my cock has been missing out.

If anything now is the time to catch up on all the xxx action. I’m most certainly going to make the most of it. I’m not sure where I’m even going to start, there is just so many hot things to see and my cock is going totally bonkers wanting to dip itself in all this xxx action!

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Huge Deal On Reality Kings

When you go shopping, you always try to get the most quality product for the cheapest possible price, right? When it comes to porn it shouldn’t be any different. Some sites or networks claim to have the best value but they really just give you predictable, boring, low-grade bullshit. You might as well take your chances with free streaming sites.

But you know better. There’s top-shelf online pussy for sale and you’re willing to pay a fair price if you get what you’re looking for. Luckily for us, there’s Reality Kings. When you start your membership they unlock 46 exclusive porn sites for one low price. Score fan favorites like Extreme Naturals and MILF Hunter.

This network is a porn juggernaut, featuring over 11,000 HD videos, daily updates, and over 7,500 hardcore sluts you can blow your giant load to. It’s such a good deal for the price that you might wonder if there’s some type of catch. But don’t just take our word for it. Grab this Reality Kings discount for 74% off!

And if you find yourself needing more hardcore action, check out


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I Always Get My Way

Growing up I was always a little bratty. I was very spoiled and always got my way. My mother would try to be strict, but I have been great at manipulation since birth. When she remarried and I saw my step dad for the first time, I knew I wanted to fuck him. He was so hot. I would flirt with him non stop but he never gave me a moments notice. I would try to wear provocative clothing around him but he didn’t pay any attention.

One day I saw him out by the pool and I knew that was my chance. I went out back and stood right in front of him. I didn’t do a sexy strip tease I just simply took off my bathing suit and stood there letting him see me completely naked. He didn’t get out of the pool so I joined him. I knew I’d eventually get my way.

Use this SpyFam XXX $12 discount pass and enjoy all the taboo porn in their massive library.

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Teachers Giving Rock Hard Lessons

Do you remember your driving test? I was so nervous, but at least the woman giving the test was a hottie. She gave me a couple flirtatious smiles (or maybe I was just a pervy sixteen-year-old who would have stuck his dick in anything). Damn, she was hot.

But now I found a website that actually turned that scenario into porn! On Fake Driving School, the girls learning how to drive end up learning how to suck and fuck a good dick more than anything else. Just watching those sluts riding a hard cock in the back seat makes me want to blow my load so hard!

Becoming a member of this site also grants access to several other “Fake” sites in the Fakehub Network (e.g. Fake Agent, Fake Cop, Fake Hospital, Fake Taxi, etc.). But make no mistake, there is nothing fake about how hard these pervs are getting fucked, and nothing fake about how amazing this deal is.

Act right now and save 54% with a discount to Fake Driving School.

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